Welcome to Hi Wheel 

I’m Russell Wiener – I am a producer, engineer, composer, and musician, and I started Hi Wheel Entertainment in 2006 to serve the music community of Los Angeles.

Every day I’m working with artists and clients to help them succeed – producing albums, engineering sessions, managing projects and live shows, and composing music for media.

I have decades of experience and musical knowledge, and I’ve worked with everyone from budding talent to platinum stars. I work with a team of industry professionals to help you achieve your goals, and stand out from the herd. Please take a look around the site, listen to samples, and contact us for any questions or to book a free initial consultation.



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What’s New at Hi Wheel?

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Featured Track of the Week

“MAGIC PIANO” by Russell Wiener

A while back I was asked to write a short instrumental piece that sounded like it could be a magical Disney theme. It was supposed to be light and airy, but also emotional and tug at the heart strings a little. Also there was basically no budget!

I tapped into my inner sentimentalist for this one, using piano to create a main hook – mysterious and playful – and then strings to underscore the emotion – fake strings, due to lack of budget, but done in the right way, fake strings can serve their purpose more than fine, especially pizzicato strings.

I brought the mood down in the middle, leading the listener on the more emotional portion of the short journey, and then a reappearance of the main theme, like a pet peering around the corner when you thought it was lost!

And where was this piece used, you might ask? Nowhere! They didn’t end up making their short film! So… here it is. Know someone who has a project it might be perfect for? Send em my way!

Happy weekend to you all!