New Home Page and New Music in 2021

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New Home Page and New Music in 2021

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It’s not news that 2020 was a year like none other. And while in-person recording sessions only happened for the first 2 months of the year, and there were many downsides to the quarantine when it came to music production, certainly there were some bright spots too.

It encouraged the need for new thinking, for creativity in the face of bleakness, and it encouraged collaboration virtually across the globe – so much music that would never have been written, performed, or released came into existence as a result of the pandemic.

I had the pleasure of helping bring so many artists’ creations to life, both audio and video, in 2020, and so much of what I worked on was done to support all kinds of charities around the world. Musicians band together to help people, it’s in our nature, and in that sense 2020 brought out the best in the music world.

I’m looking forward to getting people back in the studio – and in fact I’ve done more than a few sessions where a musician records from our back yard, and I engineer/produce from inside the studio. It works out better than I thought (at least after the 100+ degree days and nearby fires finally went away.)

Calamity breeds creative problem-solving and it’s what we all had to do. I’d encourage you to check out the home page here at our website and see/hear some of the projects we worked on in 2020 – and here’s to a happy healthy 2021 for all.


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