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Meet Russell Wiener

BK3B0834Hi there. I’m Russell Wiener, and I’m glad you’ve stopped by to check out Hi Wheel Entertainment. Originally Hi Wheel was just the name of my own label on which I would release my own band projects. Since that time, it has grown into much more.

When I moved to LA from Tucson, I only had eyes on making it as an artist. But as I learned about all the processes involved – from engineering and mixing, to co-writing, to album art, producing live shows, building websites, creating videos, even launching crowd-funding campaigns – I came to realize I enjoyed making these things happen as much as I enjoyed being an artist.

I studied sound engineering and media at the University of Arizona, but when I came to LA is when the real-world learning started. I was lucky enough to become a personal assistant for the Grammy-winning producer/artist David Pack (Ambrosia) and since that time I’ve become the chief engineer of his studio, recording such luminaries as Alan Parsons, Steve Perry, Ray Manzarek, Bela Fleck, and so many more.

I’ve found that being a musician myself is invaluable in engineering, mixing, and speaking the language of music. And being an artist and band leader myself is invaluable in that I know how I want to be treated in the studio when I’m recording, and what I expect, so I strive to deliver that to my clients.

Most recently I co-produced, engineered, and mixed my own band The Title Trackers’ album “Lost Title Tracks” – an homage to a range of classic rock artists. It demanded the most meticulous and skilled of engineering work I’ve ever done, needing to imitate the production sound of the world’s biggest acts.

I also served as associate producer, engineer, and co-mixer of David Pack’s Napa Crossroads album, recorded in the guest-houses of wineries in Napa, and featuring legendary stars, and great tunes.

I can help artists with the full range of services they need beyond the studio production elements too – I can consult on all areas of your band or project, from web, to video, PR, and more. And I’ve served as Production Manager and Stage Manager for major shows with artists like David Pack and Alan Parsons, handling staging and tech elements, video, backing tracks, and more.

I love L.A. because there are so many talented and capable producers in this city, and I think every artist chooses partners in their musical journey in different ways. Every producer comes with a particular set of skills and tools, but most important is whether a producer and an artist vibe together.

So in that spirit, please take time to peruse the website, check out samples, testimonials, and contact me any time to talk about YOUR project – I’ll will be happy to offer a free consultation to talk about your goals, and how I can help you achieve them.