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New Home Page and New Music in 2021

It’s not news that 2020 was a year like none other. And while in-person recording sessions only happened for the first 2 months of the year, and there were many downsides to the quarantine when it came to music production, certainly there were some bright spots too. It encouraged the need for new thinking, for…
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Gearing Up for Summer Camp

Spring has sprung, flowers and 80+-degree temps are everywhere (at least around LA) and for me spring always means one thing – summer camp is just around the corner!!

Sure this sentiment is generally expressed by the 7-15 age bracket, but this will be my 13th summer working at summer camps as a music specialist or director. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of work for camps during the off-season too, usually starting right around now.

Listening In – with Streetlight Cadence

Streetlight Cadence – Great Unknown Follow along at Streetlight Cadence is a band with a unique line-up and sound (made up of violin, cello, accordion, guitar/ukulele, and vocals) and unique roots. They grab your attention right away, and their new single “Great Unknown” exemplifies this. I mean, if you want to grab a listener’s…
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Piano Man – Thank Goodness Then’s Not Now

I take a listen to all-time classic recordings, and analyze them as if I was a modern, typical “Pro Tools producer” and they were demos that crossed my desk – and make notes about the various problems that would prevent them from POSSIBLY being even considered by radio, no less HITS!

Thing is… they were massive smashes! Point being… if it’s got the heart, the soul, and the fire… a lot can be forgiven. Enjoy!

David Pack, Fred Beato, and Tomas Croucier play at Alva's Nightclub San Pedro, CA

New Video from Beato Band!

I have been working with David Pack for over 15 years, engineering music, production managing shows, and more. Most folks know his songs and voice – he was the primary singer and writer for Ambrosia. I engineered and mixed his new album Beato Band, created with his old friend and high school bandmate Fred Beato…
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U2, Bono, The Edge, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Lost TItle Tracks, short film, music video, desert, high desert

LA Weekly Premieres “Chopping Down The Joshua Tree” Video

The short film I co-produced and co-directed with my bandmates in The Title Trackers was world-premiered by the LA Weekly Music blog this week. The film serves as a music video for our song “Chopping Down The Joshua Tree,” a satiric take on what a title track would have sounded like on that seminal U2…
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New Album from Joey-Dean Skelton

I’m happy to announce that “Alpha,” the album I produced, engineered, mixed, and co-wrote with Joey-Dean Skelton, has just been released on CD and digital! This is the third album I’ve made with Joey, and with each one there’s a marked improvement in not only the song-craft, but also the production values and playing. I…
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Christmas Single from David Pack

I had the pleasure of engineering, mixing, and even mastering, a holiday release from David Pack (the legendary voice of Ambrosia.) He and I share a love on Simon and Garfunkel, so when he decided to release his own version of Silent Night for the 2015 Christmas season, we both immediately thought of the classic…
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U2, Bono, The Edge, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Lost TItle Tracks, short film, music video, desert, high desert

Joshua Tree Video Shoot

My band The Title Trackers recently shot a video for our Lost Title Track called “chopping down the JOSHUA TREE.” We filmed at the site of the original photo session for U2’s Joshua Tree album, just outside Death Valley. The footage is extraordinary, thanks to the expertise of videographers Mika Larson and Eddie Lloyd, and…
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