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Production and Engineering Highlights

There are some of the best commercially-released projects that I have worked on recently.

  • Beato BandBeato Band – engineer, mix + video, crowdfunding, web, art layout (2016)
  • David PackSilent Night/Evening News – engineer, mix, master + art work (2015)
  • The Title TrackersLost Title Tracks – co-produce, engineer, mix + co-write, play, project management, video, crowdfunding, web, art design (2015)
  • Joey-Dean SkeltonAlpha – produce, engineer, mix + co-write, play (2015)
  • JC Gafford5 – master + consult, compose and play interstitial tracks (2015)
  • David PackNapa Crossroads – associate-produce, engineer, mix + web, video (2014)
  • Pillow Of WrongnessMusic for Revolutions – co-produce, engineer, mix + co-write, play, web, art layout (2014)
  • Terry LewsaderComfort – mix (2014)
  • Dry SeptemberRoam the Night With Me – co-engineer, co-mix + play (2013)
  • Joey-Dean SkeltonOrdinary Soldier – produce, engineer, mix + co-write, play (2013)
  • ThunderdikkMagnum Love – produce, engineer, mix (2012)
  • Terry LewsaderBeanfield Blues – co-engineer, mix, co-arrange + play (2012)

TV Shows, Films,  and Ad Highlights

My music has been heard on over 30 TV shows internationally, as well as films and ads. Highlights include:

  • “Crime 360” TV Show, A&E Network
  • “Sports Science” TV Show, Fox Sports Network
  • “Battle Zone” TV show, Discovery Channel
  • “Anna Nicole Smith Show” TV show, E! Entertainment
  • “L.A. Forensics” TV show, Court TV
  • “E! True Hollywood Stories”- including “Real World”, “Courtney Love”, “Lara Flynn Boyle” and more.
  • “Human Wrecking Balls” TV Show, G4 Network
  • MTV “Punk’d,” “Dismissed,” and “Undressed” TV shows
  • “Jesse James is a Dead Man” TV Show, Spike TV
  • “Strong Men” TV Show, National Geographic Network
  • “X-Play” TV Show, G4 Network
  • “Dickie Smalls- From Shame To Fame” (Nominated Best Music at Park City Film Music Festival)
  • “Vital Signs” short film “Glee” musical short film
  • “The Flute” Feature film “Illegal Hope” feature documentary film
  • “Sati” short film “Rutland USA” feature film
  • Mr. Tumee Vitamins web ads
  • Ice Age 3 theatrical trailers
  • Bodies in Motion gym ads


Web Design – Erin Lankau

Photos – Mika Larson –