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As a musician, I’ve recorded and performed with several successful bands both as a frontman and instrumentalist, and have released multiple albums with these acts. I have a talented network of musicians that I’ve collaborated with for over 15 years. Check out some of my favorite work below.



The Title Trackers

I consider this record the greatest engineering/mixing challenge I have ever faced. This record required the faithful reproduction of the recording sounds of some of rock’s most legendary acts – from the Rolling Stones, to the Doors, U2, and beyond. Released vinyl-only in March 2015 as an homage to the band’s favorite artists of all time, the record has received rave reviews in the LA Times, LA Weekly, Ultimate Classic Rock, Audiophile, and many more. Check out some tracks here: 

living in EXILE ON MAIN STREET – from the album Lost Title Tracks, 2015

FULL MOON FEVER gone to our heads – from the album Lost Title Tracks, 2015

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Pillow of Wrongness

Since 2000 I have helmed and fronted the band Pillow of Wrongness. 6 albums later, our music has been heard on radio internationally, licensed to shows on E!, MTV, Discovery, and more, and heard on stages from California to Arizona, Texas, New York, and beyond. Check out some of my favorite songs here:

Waiting for the Big One – from the album Waiting for the Big One, 2012

What Have We Done – from the album Music for Revolutions, 2014

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Dry Septmeber 1

Dry September

Nominated for “Best Live Band” by L.A. Weekly in 2013, this roots-rock band is fronted by my bandmate from POW and Title Trackers, David Tokaji. His songs are stylistically different from other bands I’ve played with, giving me the chance to play guitar in a style outside my wheelhouse. I have also produced, engineered, and mixed songs on our albums. Take a listen to some essential tracks here:

The Life We Imagine – from the album Build a New Town, 2009

Drums in the Distance – from the album Roam the Night With Me, 2013

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Tennessee Walker

When singer/songwriter/keyboardist Sterling Powers asked me to play with her band in 2014, I jumped at the chance. Her music is so unique, so quirky, dramatic, fun, I knew it would be a great opportunity to expand my musical palette. I have played guitar and keys in the band, and am currently co-producing and engineering our debut LP. Studio music coming soon.

Check out our set at the Satellite in LA!

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