Christmas Single from David Pack

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Christmas Single from David Pack

I had the pleasure of engineering, mixing, and even mastering, a holiday release from David Pack (the legendary voice of Ambrosia.) He and I share a love on Simon and Garfunkel, so when he decided to release his own version of Silent Night for the 2015 Christmas season, we both immediately thought of the classic S&G version, where the news headlines of the day were overlaid against the mix (all bad news of course.)

He decided to do an update with today’s news headlines, and what it did was point out that not much has changed his 1966 – lots of bad news in the world, just the names have changed. But the beauty of the song, and the impact of the arrangement, haven’t changed at all.

I helped render the artwork for the cover as well, and search for the headlines. This is a really cool song for the season, I’d urge you to check it out and download it at xxxxxxx, and then check out the original S&G version at xxxxxxx

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