Studio Recording

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Music Production, Engineering, and Mixing

I have served as producer, associate producer, engineer, and mixer for countless projects – from major-label albums, to up-and-coming local talent, film soundtracks, live recordings, and more. As a producer, I have the musical sense and instincts to guide artists to their best possible results. As an engineer and mixer, I’ve worked under world-class producers like David Pack and Alan Parsons, recording everyone from LA’s top session musicians, to legendary musicians like Steve Perry, Ray Manzarek, Bela Fleck, and many more. Listen to some samples below, and contact us to hear more or to discuss your project. Hi Wheel has a variety of studio spaces to suit your needs, plus instruments and amps, and a network of talented musicians, mastering engineers, and more.

The Title Trackers – Living in Exile on Main Street – Produced, engineered, mixed by RW, and played electric guitar, bass – A challenging task, this song demanded imitating the production sound of classic Rolling Stones albums. (Title Trackers website)

David Pack and Steve Perry – A Brand New Start – Vocals, guitars, keys engineered by RW, produced by David Pack and Steve Perry – This is the only vocal Steve Perry has released on any album in almost 2 decades. (David Pack website)

Beato Band – Cuba BC – Engineered and mixed by RW, Produced by David Pack – A fusion of rock and Cuban music, this track is 100% a home recording with remote set-ups (but it sure has a studio sound!) (Beato Band website)

Lauren Augarten – First Time Feeling – Produced, engineered, and mixed by RW, and played drums, bass, electric guitar – Modern folk-pop with sultry vocals and emotional lyrics. (Lauren Augarten website)

EFFU – Crashing Down – Engineered and Mixed by RW – A fun garage-rocker with grungy guitars and a powerful beat. (EFFU website)

Pillow Of Wrongness – What Have We Done – Produced, engineered, and mixed by RW, and played guitar, keys, bass, vocals – Densely layered, moody, escalating rock. (POW website)

Russell is among the elite sound engineers in Los Angeles. His recording and mixing skills give our music a power and life that we’d never been able to achieve before. His production work is also phenomenal. Russ has that rare ability to identify a song’s core vision and add dimensions that enhance and intensify that vision.” — David Tokaji, Singer/Guitarist